Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winnwell Pro480 Hockey Stick Review

For all you hockey fans, here we have a review of the Winnwell Pro480, an exclusive stick that can be purchased from Canadian Tire for $99.00. Winnwell markets this stick as the lightest stick available for under $100, as the stick only weighs--you guessed it, 480 grams. This stick was refreshed and improved, and is now known as the GX8. It has a 100% carbon graphite construction with a 12K graphite weave for extreme performance and durability. It's not for beginners, but for more experienced players. The shaft has a nice smooth matte finish that will allow you to move your glove freely up and down.

I bought this stick and tested it out on the ice, and indeed it was nice and light and I was able to get shots off quite quickly. The one piece composite construction was quite sturdy and strong initially, but a few weeks into games I noticed the started to chip easily around the toe of the blade. I don't go around chopping sticks or banging blades on the ice, so maybe others were playing D on me pretty hard. But aside from that, the stick still held up all season long and I was able to score some pretty nice goals!

The sub-$100 stick market is a very competitive one. We see so many sticks priced at $99 or less, or for $20-30 more. The Winnwell Pro480 is by far one of the best 'bangs for your buck' if you're looking for a durable one piece composite stick. At 480 grams, it very light and will enable you to 'dangle' with the puck and get off those one timers a bit faster than heavier sticks. I enjoyed this stick and it definitely made an impact on my game. Let me know if you've ever used the Pro480!

Learn more by checking out Winnwell's website.